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In the studio with The Beatles - Dennis Dekker

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The Beatles. Without a doubt from famous band off all times. The popularity of 'the Fab Four' brought John, Paul, George and Ringo a mythical status. However, that myth does not always walk hand in hand with reality, shows music journalist Dennis Dekker in his book 'In the studio with The Beatles'. To write this book, Dekker listened to many tens of hours of audio material, recorded during the Get Back sessions, which took place from 2 to 31 January 1969 in London. Dekker's meticulous and always captivating personal description of these infamous rehearsal sessions paints a remarkable picture of the Beatles in the final months of their existence.

In 'In the Studio with the The Beatles' you can read, among other things, how the power relations were within the Fab Four in 1969.

'I'll play what you want, Paul'

and how the Beatles thought about competitors like the Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin and Simon & Garfunkel.

“I watched Tom Jones. He is a complete tragedy'

Futhermore, Dekker disarms convincingly the myth that the recordings of the Get Back sessions show nothing more then a 'band-falling-apart'.

'Would you like to do it again? Yes. Yes Yes!'

The leading role in this book is, of course, reserved for the music of the Beatles. By author of in it, the reader can experience the growth process of various well-known Beatles songs (Let It Be, Get Back, I Me Mine I've Got A Feeling and For You Blue. The Fab Four also play various covers. Said makes everything At The Beatles in the studio to a must for every music lover.

The book is signed by the author.