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A tried and tested pop idol of 31 years old will shamelessly live up to his reputation after his first big success. He mastered his profession and speaks the language. Congenital, acquired or perhaps acquired? A search for the origin of his image provides the answer.

In 'Herman Brood a star like me' we want to ignore clichés, stories and anecdotes and focus on the construction and origin of the myth. We have to go to a difficult period from 1964 to 1978. A time in which Brood finds its way. It is also a difficult time for us as makers because it has been sparingly documented, but also a good time because the myth is still under construction. The answer is scattered in image archives, sound archives and in private individuals - enough material to tell the story. Only after the biographical period before its star status has been sketched, about halfway through the film, there is room for Brood as idol and cliché. We arrive at the myth itself. Supported by a composition of interviews, images and fragments, we are confronted with the differences between two worlds (the actual history and the myth). In the last part of the documentary, we list Brood's statements that have to do with the doubts he himself has about his life as a rock star. He wants to stop making music and only focus on painting and drawing.