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The jump in memoriam Herman Brood

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Author: X. Brood
Publisher: Nijgh & van Ditmar
141 pages in Dutch

Dimensions: 260 x 267 x 209 mm
Weight: 572 grams

On July 11, 2001, Herman Brood could no longer take it. A jump from the roof of the Hilton ended the life of the Netherlands' one and only rock and roll hero - to the shock and sadness of many. The place at the Hilton turned into a sea of flowers, where fans gathered to comfort each other. The farewell celebration in Paradiso and the cremation in Westgaarde were followed by a large crowd.

A year later, De Sprong, a remembrance book to Herman Brood, is published. The book, in a robust format and richly illustrated, has been compiled by Xandra Brood and Herman's sister Beppie.

From the content:
- Herman's farewell letter;
- the speeches by Jules Deelder, Bart Chabot, Beppie Brood, Brenda, Lola and Xandra;
- the Hilton and Dante's condolence books;
- the condolences sent to the family;
- newspaper reports about the funeral;
- material from Herman Brood's private collection.

In addition, facsimiles of drawings and poems and photos of many famous photographers have been included.