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Music in the family - Bertus Borgers

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As the eldest of nine children, I tell first-hand how 'the music' survived in our Brabant family, from the end of the war until today. Secularization, generation gaps, the urgency for emancipation and even the transition from acoustic to electrically driven music, playing together always provided resilience and cohesion so that music making in our family has landed alive in the digital age. As the writing progressed, the photos of me came in from all directions. They give my story the right decor and the great thing is that a number of those photos are linked to music and images on the internet by means of augmented reality, which gives this book a transmedia character. Don't hesitate and try it! Scan the front of this book and you will hear the melody my dad played during the liberation of De Brabantse Kempen in September 1944.