Man and Horse Breadboard


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Dimensions 28 x 42 cm 

Signed by Herman Brood 

Supplied with certificate of authenticity.

This is the only certificate that is very reliable because most of our works of art are signed or signed. manufactured (IQ Zwolle) and delivered in collaboration with the heirs of Brood, so that you are assured of a real Brood!!!


Herman Brood 

The Dutch artist Herman Brood was born on November 5, 1946 and is a born artist in everything. In his music, in his poems and especially in his paintings and screen prints. His work shows enormous passion, which he is able to translate brilliantly into form and color thanks to his perfect mastery of technique. The great interest in his work is a great incentive for Herman Brood. Just like during the performances with his band, the interaction with the audience is an encouragement and a source of inspiration at the same time. Brood works with dedication, throwing himself into a hallucinatory adventure with brushes, paint and spray cans, from which he emerges unchanged as the winner. He translates the countless impressions and experiences that he has collected in his turbulent life into art with a capital C. Art for which interest is only increasing because authenticity is now emerging. 

recognized once without fail.