ANBI status

Public Benefit Organization.

Herman Brood Museum Foundation


Contact details
Blijmarkt 21,
8011ND Zwolle
+31 383035597

The aim of the foundation is to exhibit the works of Herman Brood and rock 'n roll artists, as well as to develop and promote activities aimed at preserving the heritage and memory of Herman Brood as a musician and artist and everything else is directly or indirectly related to this or can be conducive to this, all in the broadest sense of the word.

Board composition and function
Dr. Johan Gerardus la Faille (lid)
Mr. Ivo de Lange (treasurer)
Mr. Jurgen te Rijdt (chairman)

Remuneration policy
The members of the board do not receive any compensation for their work. They are entitled to reimbursement of costs incurred in the performance of their duties.

Policy plan outlines
Herman Brood is a household name in the cultural sector of the Netherlands. Not only because of his creative excesses on stage or on screen, but especially because of the way he marketed himself. In 2001 he decided to end his life. His name is honored through the Herman Brood Museum. We offer a place where fans, friends and family can make memories. In addition, we hope to make his name known among the generation who may have never heard the name Herman Brood. Finally, Herman is and remains the son of Zwolle and because many people come to the museum, the city will also benefit from this. 

Report of activities carried out and financial accountability

Intended planning
Due to corona, the museum's planning is currently very uncertain. The planning for 2021 is therefore subject to change.

Planning 2021 In association with:
Exhibition Queen Mark Hayward
Exhibition The Police Management Police
Exhibition Cuby and The Blizzards Cuby Museum / Hans la Faille
Edition Book Luc Verschuren / Peter Pels

Activities calendar

Willy DeVille
20 October – 31 December

From October 20, 2019, an exhibition about Willy DeVille can be admired in the Herman Brood Museum. The Willy DeVille Int. Fanclub contributed to the creation of this exhibition. In addition, there are photos of, among others: Dirk W. de Jong, Patricia Steur and Gerard Wessel. Trudy Jost (Austria) has made costumes available to her.

Erik Neimeijer
July 20 – October 19, 2019

Saturday July 27th the official opening with live music from the master himself! Erik Neimeijer is a rock musician and painter of large, colorful paintings. His fiery images of gambling men, musicians, airplanes, bulls, fast cars, lovers and tropical scenes have a Caribbean vibe and a loose but very recognizable style. Somewhere between Walt Disney and Diego Rivera, he creates a dynamic, loving and proud new world. Erik Neimeijer (1982) graduated as a psychologist but plays guitar and sings in the non-stop touring rock band Bökkers. In the summer of 2017 he had his first art exhibition and started painting and exhibiting in various Dutch (and Caribbean) galleries in the same non-stop way he makes his music. This summer a major solo exhibition will open in the Herman Brood Museum in Zwolle.

Hulbert Waldroup
June 16, 2019

Hulbert Waldroup is an artist from America who collaborates with IQ Kunstuitleen. IQ invited him to come to Zwolle for a week. One of these days we welcomed him at the Herman Brood Museum. Because it is quite Rock'n Roll, it fits perfectly with the Museum. Very nice to tap into a new target group through his art.





Exhibition Koppelkerk Bredevoort
26 May – 21 July 2019

During this period we decorated the Koppelkerk in Bredevoort with part of our Bread Collection. They have supplemented this themselves with the organization of fun small events and workshops.

The Rolling Stones
March 23 – July 19, 2019

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, the Herman Brood Museum opened a temporary photo exhibition of The Rolling Stones in addition to the permanent Brood collection. The collection consists of never-before-seen photos by photographer Harm Botman (1952 – 2012) and photos by Bullet-Ray. This exhibition will last until the end of June. The Herman Brood Museum will emphasize Rock 'n Roll several times a year by organizing high-profile exhibitions of photo collections that have not previously been on display in the Netherlands, in addition to the permanent Brood collection. Collections from Queen, The Who, Andy Summers, Andy McCoy, The Beatles, Cuby & The Blizzards and many others are on the programme.
The first exhibition is completely dedicated to The Rolling Stones and consists of photos of
Harm Botman and Bullet-Ray.



Art loan from Stedelijk Museum Vianen
8 april 2018 t/m 1 juli 2018

The paintings hanging in Vianen have been loaned by Ivo de Lange, a childhood friend of Brood from Zwolle and an avid collector of his art. Ten months ago he opened his own Herman Brood Experience in Zwolle. "The collection that is now hanging in Vianen has also been on display in several other places in the country. And we will do it more often.”

Herman Brood has made countless paintings and drawings, but a permanent collection can only be seen in Zwolle, in addition to the temporary one now in Vianen. “Not bad,” says Xandra Brood. "Let Herman's art roam the country a bit, that's part of him."

Serge & Herman
8 september 2018

The Gainsbourg event is organized every year in Zwolle. A small-scale festival that is entirely dedicated to French Chansons, French delicacies and, above all, a French atmosphere. This year, the organization of the event decided to take a different tack and enter into a collaboration with the Herman Brood Museum under the name Serge & Herman. Although Serge Gainsbourg and Herman Brood seem to be diametrically opposed to each other, this made for a super fun, playful interaction.
In addition to the Herman Brood Museum, various catering establishments joined and it was a pleasant afternoon with French Chansons, Rock 'n Roll, delicious French dishes and art by Herman Brood.

Workshops – Painting in Broodstyle

In addition to one-off events, recurring projects have also been organised. This also applies to the workshops led by Jeroen van Doornik. We have organized this by registration several times a year. Bread fans can register in advance and receive a tour of the Museum and a painting workshop in Broodstyle while enjoying a snack and a drink.