About the Herman Brood Museum

In April 2017, the Herman Brood Museum & Experience was started in Zwolle at Blijmarkt 21, where the Municipality of Zwolle and a very large number of business people also embrace Herman Brood. The characteristic building from 1444 is located on the Blijmarkt, next to Odeon Theaters and directly opposite Museum De Fundatie; a beautiful location in the museum heart of Zwolle, a worthy place to permanently appreciate Herman Brood.

In November 2018, thanks to large numbers of visitors and loyal fans, it was decided to transform the Herman Brood Experience into the Herman Brood Museum. The exhibition has moved to the first floor and here the visitor gets an insight into the life of the Zwolle-born artist through photos, objects, film, sound and of course Herman's art.


The Herman Brood Museum shows a broad collection of Herman Brood, from the private collection of friend and initiator Ivo de Lange, widow Xandra Brood, daughter Lola and both of Herman's sisters. These are letters, drawings and poems, written and painted by him on canvas, pieces of paper and beer mats. 

There are also personal items from Brood himself on display. Never-before-seen photos, guitars, clothing, painting materials and even his spray needles painted by him.

Fans also regularly bring Herman's objects, which can possibly be exhibited with their names mentioned.

In addition to these continuously changing exhibitions, there is also a Herman Brood store, where fans can purchase a wide range of Herman Brood merchandise, paintings, screen prints, music, documentaries and books.