Dalí - Robert Whitaker


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Portfolio about Dalí
Dimensions 35 x 50 cm. 
Number of pages: 30 

Dalí - Photographs by Robert Whitaker is a collection of images by Salvador Dalí that have never been published before. From the age of sixteen, Bob was fascinated by Dalí's work, the effect of a book given by his parents. He cut it out to make a collage that he sent to Dalí who invited him to Catalonia. Eight years later, by this time, Bob was internationally established as a photographer and known for his own surreal images. He finally met Dalí. The bond between them was immediate and Bob was able to take informal photographs of Dalí at work and play between 1967 and 1972. Bob's hope in putting together this collection of 56 striking images is to give other people the pleasure that Dalí gave him as a person.