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Boekpresentatie, Gerard Wessel -

BROOD & Gerard Wessel “People like Herman only come around once in a while.” - From: BROOD BROOD & Gerard Wessel is an intimate portrait of the Netherlands' greatest rock’n-roll artist but underappreciated in the museum world, with unknown hilarious stories and countless previously unpublished photos from the huge archive of photographer Gerard Wessel. From the mid-eighties until the end of the musician/artist's life, the two had a 'professional friendship', like the photographer it calls. Wessel followed Brood at home and abroad, in good and bad times and during the inimitable adventures that only Brood experienced. They felt each other...

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Boekpresentatie, George J.Brandon Bravo Bruinsma, Het hart van de krekel -

The sensitive Eduard Sanger who, after an aborted study of Insectology, accompanies his father to Shanghai for the appraisal of a golden cricket. He is not only injured physically but also mentally. An intriguing novel with a lot of symbolism and art history. The Cricket's Heart tells the story of a son's wrestling from the influence of his father's wartime past. The author George J. Brandon Bravo Bruinsma (1955) initially studied percussion and medicine. He was trained as a cardiothoracic surgeon and until recently worked as a staff surgeon in Isala. Brandon Bravo Bruinsma is married and has three daughters....

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