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Posted October 26 2021, door: Tim Gorree

BROOD - Gerard Wessel

BREAD & Gerard Wessel

“People like Herman only come along once in a while.” - Out: Brood

Brood & Gerard Wessel is an intimate portrait of the Netherlands' greatest rock’nRoll artist but underrated artist in the museum world, with unknown hilarious stories and countless never-before-published works photos from the enormous archive of photographer Gerard Wessel. The two had a relationship from the mid-eighties until the end of the musician/artist's life 'professional friendship', like the photographer it calls. Wessel followed Brood at home and abroad, in good and bad times and during the inimitable adventures that only Brood experienced. They felt each other flawlessly in terms of photography, resulting in approximately 20,000 photos. In this book, Gerard Wessel looks back in words and images on his experiences with Brood, and he also interviews old friends he met during that intense period.

Bread & Gerard Wessel is a book full of sex, drugs & rock ’n-roll, but also with humor, self-mockery and tenderness, in which Herman Brood is sometimes literally completely exposes. A photographer has rarely been able or allowed to get closer. For Wessel, the years that he spent with Herman photographing him were a series of unique and unforgettable moments with this very inspiring personality. So they made a memorable trip to Leningrad together where the speed was forced to be smuggled in the batteries of Herman's tape recorder.

Photographer and native Zwolle Gerard Wessel met musician, artist, writer and fellow local Herman Brood when he was at the School for Photography and Photo Technology in The Hague. They turned out to have the same desire for excitement and action.

Dealing with Herman Brood automatically means that Wessel also experienced the people who were often close to him.

He visited them again and interviewed them for this book. Such as ex-roadie Rob Kranenburg, Bombita singer Lies Schilp, Herman's childhood friend, travel companion and art connoisseur Jos Paanakker, art brothers Dick van der Meijden and Ton Leenarts, music friend from the very beginning Hans la Faille, gallery owner Ivo de Lange, Herman's son Marcel Buissink, manager Koos van Dijk and his right hand Bé Kruize. And especially 'family friend' Aegid Tonnaer, who Herman in a caravan at a bungalow park until just before his death.

Author/photographer Gerard Wessel (1960) is fascinated by the colorful fringes of society. After studying at the The Hague School for Photography and Photonics he becomes known as a chronicler of Dutch youth culture, as 'court photographer' of Herman Brood, he worked extensively with Henk Schiffmacher and made a timeless film about the life of poet and jazz lover Jules Deelder (Jazz is my Religion). In 2015, a collection of his photos was purchased by the Rijksmuseum. He was friends with Herman Brood and was working on a film about him. He previously wrote the book for Just Publishers Errand boy of the penoze which was recently also published as an audiobook. Also see:

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