Mugshot from 1971 in the Museum

Posted September 08 2023

Mugshot uit 1971 in het Museum

Mugshot of Herman Brood from 1971 taken in Utrecht


In the bustling Utrecht of the 1970s, a remarkable incident took place that would go down in the history books. On a dark night in 1971, the legendary rock 'n' roll artist Herman Brood went to Biltstraat. What exactly happened there would ultimately earn him an iconic mugshot.



It was common knowledge at the time that Brood was no stranger to nightlife and his love of narcotics. On that particular night, he decided to seek adventure and broke into a pharmacy, hoping for some drugs to fuel his creative spirit. However, fate had other plans for him.



Not much later, Brood attempted another risky venture: he broke into the public lending library. With a stack of LPs under his arm, he tried to sneak away quietly, but was caught by the police who happened to be nearby. It was as if the universe was working together to bring these wild nighttime escapades to an end.



Brood was arrested and eventually had to spend three days behind bars before a mugshot was taken of him. This statue would later be donated to the museum by A. van Zanten, as a memento of this memorable moment in Brood's career.



The mugshot itself is a fascinating piece of history. It shows a young Herman Brood with his characteristic wild hair and piercing gaze. While the moment of arrest may not have been his most glorious, he still exudes the charm and rebellion he was so famous for.



It is interesting to consider how this event contributed to the legend of Herman Brood. His rebellious nature and unconventional lifestyle were only strengthened by this incident. It made him an icon in the Dutch music and art world, loved for both his genius and his mischievousness.



Herman Brood's mugshot from 1971 therefore remains an important historical document that reminds us of the adventurous and idiosyncratic personality of this unique artist. It takes us back to an era when rules were broken and creative freedom was highly valued.



If you are lucky enough to see this statue in the museum, take a moment to consider the story behind it. It reminds us that everyone, even icons like Herman Brood, makes mistakes and overcomes adversity on the way to greatness.

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  • Eric


    September 08, 2023

    Eind 1980, Amsterdam. Ik woonde net op kamers en liep met een studievriend in de buurt van de Leidsestraat. We wilden ergens iets drinken en kwamen langs de Citadel. De deur was geskoten, maar er brandde wel licht. Op goed geluk belden we aan en wie deed daar open? Herman Brood! Heeeee, riep ik verrast. What’s happening! riep Brood als reactie op onze verbaasde gezichten. Hij liet ons binnen en gaf ons een biertje. Hij liep naar achteren naar een podium met muzikanten. Ze begonnen te jammen. De Wild Romance was net uit elkaar en het leek er op dat hij bezig was met een nieuwe band. Na een uurtje spelen, blues achtige dingetjes, gingen ze wat eten in de stad en wij naar huis, want we moesten de volgende dag weer naar onze studie.

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