Hidden Pearl the Herman Brood Museum

Posted June 14 2022, door: Emily Schaapman

Verborgen Parel het Herman Brood Museum

Hidden Pearls

Dutch museums that you may not have known about yet. Because they are small, very specific or just quite new. Every week we search the fringes of museum land or for hidden pearls. This week: Herman Brood Museum with director Ivo de Lange. 


  1. What kind of museum is the Herman Brood Museum?

The Herman Brood Museum is actually a hobby that got out of hand. As a childhood friend of Herman, I have experienced a lot with him. When he started in art, he approached me and my then company IQ kunstuitleen. We started working together and I not only saved a lot of his stuff, but also captured a lot of it on film. This gave rise to the documentary “Art doesn't start right away”. In 2017 I decided to create a place where I, but also the Brood family, can exhibit all the memories of Herman. Visitors can immerse themselves one last time in the life of Herman Brood, who has not been with us for 18 years. We have now had more than 80,000 visitors in two years and we have expanded into a real museum.



  1. Why should people definitely visit the museum in the coming weeks? (current exhibition? Special activities?)

In addition to the permanent Bread Collection, we have a changing, Rock 'n Roll-related exhibition. The aim is to organize high-profile exhibitions here where Rock 'n Roll musicians, bands and artists take center stage. This is to offer something extra in addition to the Bread Collection. For example, we started with a fantastic photo exhibition of The Rolling Stones. Never-before-seen photos of Harm Botman were shown here in combination with recent photos of Bullet-Ray. 


There is currently an exhibition of Rock 'n Roll musician and painter Erik Neimeijer (known from the band: Bökkers, among others). On Sunday, October 20, we will open a new exhibition focusing on Willy DeVille. YaDonna West will come from New Orleans especially for the opening. This singer toured for years with DeVille and then with Neil Young. She will perform DeVille's most famous song. After Willy DeVille, there will be many high-profile exhibitions. Think of a photo exhibition of Queen, The Beatles


  1. What is the most special object/work of art/activity in your museum?

I personally think the painting “Naked Beauty” is the most special work of art in the museum, and also Brood's most famous painting. Herman once came to my door at half past four, after a performance in Germany, with the words “Let's make a painting in the studio”. No sooner said than done. He painted the “Naked Beauty” within half an hour. As an example he used a “Hustler” that he had bought along the highway on the way from Germany.



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  • Antoon van de Ven

    Antoon van de Ven

    July 02, 2022

    Beste Ivo.
    Leuk dat we vorige week toch nog even binnen mochten komen, ondank shet feit dat je ziek was. Hopelijk weer goed opgeknapt. Dank voor je ontvangst.

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