Herman Brood Museum & EXPERIENCE; Never be clever.

Posted March 17 2023, door: Emily Schaapman

Herman Brood Museum & EXPERIENCE; Never be clever.

Harry Bartelds

Herman Brood Museum & EXPERIENCE; Never be clever.

I recently had an appointment in the city center of Zwolle. I was way too early for that appointment. Had more than two hours to wander around the city. While walking I arrived at the Herman Brood museum. I had never stepped in there before. Something I always wanted to do. This was a great opportunity.

Upon entering I was welcomed by two elderly men. I am greeted in a friendly manner and it is explained to me how to proceed through the museum. Up the stairs. As I walk in there is also a couple with two children who walk in at the same time as me.

When I enter, my eye falls on a pair of beautiful shoes. While pointing to the shoes, I say to the couple and their children: “What beautiful shoes, I would like to have shoes like that too.” To which one of the children says: “I think those shoes will suit you.” There was no price tag attached to it. They may not be for sale. They are beautiful.

The museum takes you on a journey through time. My memory takes me back to the 1980s. Thursday Meppel day, somewhere in the middle of summer. That Thursday evening we go with a childhood friend to a disco where Herman will perform. We were right on time, but it took a very long time before Herman appeared. We had often listened to Herman on TV, radio or cassette tape. The stories were known.

What we feared happened. Herman trotted up as stoned as a stool. The performance lasted no longer than five minutes. (My memory)

As we walk through the museum - and the family walks at the same pace as me - we arrive at the paintings. One of the couple's children gives me a mini lecture about why Herman's art is unique. The boy is clearly fascinated by Herman. He explains excellently to his sister what makes Herman's work unique. He says: “You immediately recognize a painting by Herman Brood. That makes him unique as an artist.”

Time flies. Before I know it, the two hours are almost over. I haven't watched or listened to everything properly yet. There is no other option for me than to come back again. The family that came in at the same time as me was visibly enjoying themselves. A visit to the museum is highly recommended. I'll definitely go there again!


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