Cees Janneman donates on behalf of the Herman Brood Museum!

Posted October 20 2023, door: Emily Schaapman

Cees Janneman doneert namens het Herman Brood Museum!

Artist Cees Janneman, a good friend of the Herman Brood Museum, has made a generous donation of $1,500 to the Zwolle Animal Ambulance. Cees, who has lived in Los Angeles, USA for years, is not only known for his artistic talents, but also for his love for animals.

The donation was made on behalf of the Herman Brood Museum, where Cees, among others, provided us with stencils for the floors. His contribution to the Zwolle Animal Ambulance will be used to support the care and assistance of animals in need.

With this generous gift, Cees Janneman contributes to a better world for animals and shows that artists can also contribute outside the art world.

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