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The Meeting - Recovery Brothers

Posted on April 21 2022, By: Emily Schaapman

De Meeting  - Herstelbroeders

Recovery brothers Ruben Runhaar and Martijn Wassink, together with Mads Wittermans, could be found in the Odeon Theater in Zwolle, to provide people with information about addiction. But also not unimportant to have a nice evening by means of an educational performance. 

The Meeting is the personal story of the actor Mads Wittermans. In 2009 he spent some time in a clinic in Scotland to get over his alcohol addiction. During this stay he became acquainted with the 12 steps. By using it and working very hard on himself, he has overcome his addiction and now chooses a sober life.

In the performance Mads tells his story in an open and comical way; what addiction did to him and how he recovered. What impact this has had on his life. With room for laughter, he shows the pain, the madness, the sadness, the captivity and the loneliness.


On behalf of the Herman Brood Museum, we wanted to award a beautiful glass painting for this special initiative.


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