New chairman Jurgen Te Rijdt

Posted May 25 2022, door: Emily Schaapman

Nieuwe voorzitter Jurgen Te Rijdt

Since April 1, Jurgen Te Rijdt has been the new chairman of the Herman Brood Museum. He takes over from Hans Bolt, who leaves the foundation after 4 years. 

Jurgen Te Rijdt (1956) works as an ENT doctor and as an affiliate coordinator at the Isala hospital Zwolle. In addition to his work as a doctor, te Rijdt has a passion for guitars. 

In the late 1970s, Jurgen te Rijdt started collecting musical instruments. His interest was aroused after he bought a Gennaro Fabbricatore, a romantic guitar (manufactured in 1822) at Rikkers' guitar shop in Groningen, where he studied medicine.

one of his guitars, a Hofner Senator painted by Herman Brood, is presented to us in the museum.


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  • Marion Baard

    Marion Baard

    December 08, 2023

    Wilt contact opnemen met mij. Ik heb met Herman samen geschilderd.

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