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Borstbeeld, Frank Rosen -

This beautiful bust, made by artist Frank Rosen, stood in front of the Zwols Poppodium Hedon for years, from 2004/05 to 2010. Where it was then removed for fear of theft.    Some years later, the bronze statue of Herman could be found in the halls of the renovated Hedon. It has stood there for several years.  The statue has been with us in the Herman Brood Museum for 4 years now.    Herman Brood saw the statue in 2001 when the artist had made it in wax before it was cast in bronze in 2002.   

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Borstbeeld -

Did you know that the bust of Herman Brood was made by Frank Rosen in 2001 as a museum piece in our shop?  The statue stood at the door of the Zwolle pop temple Hedon for years, where he received a tie or shawl in the winter and was spoiled with an (empty) bottle of drink. After the renovation of the pop stage, '' Herman '' was placed inside the hall for a few years.  When the museum opened in 2017, the statue was brought back since then the statue is in the museum, the place where it belongs!   ...

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