Album launch Still Believe

Album launch Still Believe

The album “Still Believe” has been recorded and will be presented on Sunday November 10 at 3 pm in theater Odeon Zwolle. Tickets are available! 

Mega good news !!! Enough money has been raised to realize the new album “Still Believe”. And so the men went into the studio to record it. We can tell you that the album turned out even better than we expected. At this moment the final touches are being put to the design of the album cover and we are proud to announce that the LP and CD will be ready around October. 

The album will be presented LIVE once on Sunday 10 November. A limited number of places are available for this presentation, but you will of course have the opportunity to attend. 

Tickets are available through:

If you choose the option “Saturday Night” you will receive a signed LP and CD and two tickets for the big album presentation. The tickets are moving fast, so the chance that they will also be sold separately is very small. So don't hesitate and make sure you are there. You will of course still support this fantastic project and contribute to the full achievement of our crowdfunding campaign (€ 15,000).


photo: Bullet-Ray (Raymond van Olphen)


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