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Concert and album launch tribute to Herman Brood, Borgers and Muskee

Posted on January 07 2021, By: Emily Schaapman

Concert en albumlancering eerbetoon Herman Brood, Borgers en Muskee

Famous drummer, Hans la Faille from Zwolle honors Brood, Borgers and Muskee with album Still Believe i.c.w. Herman Brood Museum, Zwolle.

The Herman Brood Museum in Zwolle, presents i.c.w. Hans la Faille (73) released his new album Still Believe on November 10 in theater Odeon in Zwolle. It will be a musical tribute to the periods that he played together with Bertus Borgers (Sweet d’Buster), Harry Muskee (Cuby + Blizzards) and his childhood friend Herman Brood. Johan Derksen will receive the first copy that afternoon.

The drummer from Zwolle makes the album together with his current band "la Faille", which he completed with Bertus Borgers and former Cuby band members such as Herman Deinum, Erwin Java and Ralph de Jongh. The presentation will take place on November 10, during a concert of the band in the Zwolle Odeon.

Big hit
The Zwolle drummer and childhood friend of Brood is happy with the result, he says after he has just left the studio of Jan Kistjes in Dalfsen. “It will be a mix of blues and rock, among others, it is a collection of my favorite songs that I played with Bertus, Harry and Herman. So it contains cool songs from Brood, Sweet d’Buster and Cuby, for example “Still Believe”, a song that Bertus Borgers once wrote together with Paul Smeenk, but with which Herman scored a big hit. That will also be the name of the record. ""

The album also includes a song that Brood wrote himself. “A special version of Get Lost. And an own version too, from Window of My Eyes, from Cuby. I am not going to reveal anything else. It will be very beautiful, I can tell you that. Partly also by Jan Kisjes studio in Dalfsen, by the way; one of the best analogue studios in Europe. ""

Drumming up
The idea was born two months ago in the Herman Brood Museum where La Faille and owner Ivo de Lange leafed through a book about the bands in which La Faille played. “There were so many beautiful plays… Suddenly Ivo says:" You have to record a record, man! "Before I knew it, he was walking to the Odeon theater. The drummer gathered up his current band members, called musical friends from the past and went into the studio. “Never expected it to go so well. That's great, man.'' 

The release and concert of the LP and CD will take place on Sunday afternoon, November 10 at 2:30 PM in theater Odeon, Blijmarkt 21 in Zwolle, next to the Herman Brood Museum and opposite the Fundatie museum. An extra concert is on the same day Sunday 10 November 2019 in the evening at 8 p.m.
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Photos: Raymond (Bullet Ray) van Olphen (free to use, available in high resolution).


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