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Visit Hulbert Waldroup

Posted on January 07 2021, By: Emily Schaapman

Bezoek Hulbert Waldroup

Sunday, July 22, we had a distinguished visitor. None other than New York artist Hulbert Waldroup spent a day with us in the Experience.

Hulbert Waldroup

By using energetic colors and special techniques, he visualises themes such as: Love, Rock & Roll, Pop Girlz, Marilyn, Music and Pop Art.
Beautiful, unique and striking works of art with a clear message. He sees his paintings as an extension of himself where he is the conductor and his brushes and colors are the orchestra.

Waldroup is a familiar face in the New York Art Scene. His art is shown in various commercials and campaigns at home and abroad.
And with clients such as Quentin Tarantino, Whoopi Goldberg, John Sally & Raoul Felder, he is now also internationally known.

During his visit, Waldroup showed his skills live. This in combination with a beautiful weather attracted a lot of attention.


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