Blauwvingers, Boek, Zwolle -


Last Sunday, June 27,   Ivo de Lange, together with the Herman Brood Museum, gave a book presentation in the Odeon Theater in Zwolle. We have released a new book called: Blue Fingers.

Zwolle has a glorious past and has produced big names. Johan Rudolph Thorbecke, Johannes Cele, Gerard ter Borch to name a few. To honor them, a statue is placed, a street or school is named or a former residence is put in the spotlight. 

They are also there in this time, Blauwvingers of today and those who are significant for Zwolle now and in the future. Why not turn the spotlight on them? 

30 nominated Zwolle residents have been placed in the book with a lifelike drawing, made by artist Luc Verschuren. Supplemented with texts by Peter Pels from ZoText.  

We have received very positive and nice reactions! Below is a collage made by Marijke Ripke.


Collage door: Marijke Ripke


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