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Still Believe: The Story of Sweet d'Buster

Posted on June 24 2021, By: Emily Schaapman

Sweet d'Buster foto:

A music documentary about the Netherlands' first real supergroup Sweet d'Buster.

There is a short time in which both Bertus Borgers (ex Albert Show) and Robert Jan Stips (ex Supersister) are part of The Golden Earring. 

When this period comes to an end, Borgers and Stips decide to continue together. The first result of the collaboration is the album Nevergreens (1975), which is released under the name Stars & Stips.

A little later, Stips and Borgers start a new band with the former rhythm section of Cuby + Blizzards, Hans la Faille and Herman Deinum, supplemented by guitarist Paul Smeenk. The band's name will be Sweet d'Buster.

In 1977 the debut album of what is actually the first Dutch supergroup is released. The album, named after the band, is an artistic, but unfortunately not a commercial success. 

Live against it, Sweet d'Buster goes like a rocket. The 'Allstar Band' draws full houses all over the country. 

Sweet d'Buster album #2, Friction (1978) is a hit. The occupation is unchanged. 

Friction contains Still Believe, a song that has become a Dutch pop classic, both in the original version and in the (live) cover by Herman Brood (ex C+B). Bertus Borgers also plays on Brood's version (Cha Cha 1979). Herman rightly gives Bertus a grand introduction. ''Featuring Bertus Borgers!'' 

Sweet d'Buster's reputation as a great live band can be heard on the album by Gigs (1979). It becomes the band's best-selling album. 

Unfortunately, the hoped-for success abroad did not materialize, after which Robert Jan Stips and Hans la Faille decided to leave the band.

Sweet d'Buster does not give up however and makes a new start with Pierre van der Linden (ex Focus) on drums and Jons Pi Store (ex Neerlands Hoop) on keyboards. In the line-up, the band leaves for the US. to record the album Into The Blue (1979). Little goes according to plan. The first mix is rejected and most of Van der Linden's drum parts are re-recorded by Leon Klaase (ex Powerplay). 

The album is therefore not a success. Illusions poorer, experiences richer, Sweet d'Buster has given up. It is the end of one of the most underrated bands in Dutch pop history.

But not for long!

In 2019 Hans la Faille will release the album Still Believe, an ode to his childhood friends and Cuby buddy Herman Brood and the half-forgotten Sweet d'Buster.

A year later, Universal is released in the series: 'The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music', a CD with almost the complete collected works of Bertus Borgers and Sweet d'Buster. 

Another sign that the band is still alive or alive is the number of Plays of Still Believe on Spotify that is slowly approaching 250,000. The cover of Brood is above the million. The number of listeners Sweet d'Buster attracts every month is a generous 3000. 

Thank you, 

Bertus Borgers 
Robert Jan Stips
Hans la Faille
Herman Deinum
Paul Smeenk 
Arnold Bogaart
Jons Pitoren
Pierre van der Linden
Leon Klaasse
Aad Link
Danny Lademacher
Johan Derksen
Ralph de Jongh 
Erwin Java
Ivo de Lange
Rinus Gerritsen
Cesar Zuiderwijk
Herman Wolters
Feico Nijdam 

And all employees of: Ariola/Bubble, Rock Academy, Conservatory Rotterdam, Herman Brood Museum and family Borgers.   


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