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The Herman Brood Certificate

Posted on July 20 2021, By: Emily Schaapman

Het Herman Brood Certificaat

''The Herman Brood Certificate of the Herman Brood and IQ Museum can be regarded as a fully-fledged and reliable document.

Most “certificates of authenticity” that are offered on a large scale are not fully-fledged because no rights can be derived from them, partly due to the fact that no royalties are paid to the heirs here.
As a result, your canvas and/or other artwork by Herman Brood is worth less. Much of what is offered on the web is not quite as described.
People just do something, so beware of fakes, especially from self-proclaimed appraisers who think they know.”

Request information from us by photo and then visit to view the work in real life or to appraise it for value.

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  • van L.

    van L.

    April 23, 2022

    hierboven staat een fout in jullie email adres tw hermEnbroodmuseum
    van L.

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